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Richmond Termite Control

With plenty of precipitation each year and the majority of months offering warmer temperatures, Richmond is a prime location for many types of pests. While some pests carry harmful diseases and attack food supplies, one of the most problematic pests does neither. Termites chew wood and are not known to carry any diseases. However, they can lend to worsening respiratory symptoms in a building where there is dangerous mold if they chew away wallpaper that was covering it. These destructive pests cause over $5 billion in damages each year across the United States.

Damages Associated With Termites

These are the three common types of termites:

  • Drywood
  • Dampwood
  • Subterranean

Dampwood and subterranean termites often colonize in the dirt but will enter a building through dirt tubes. The structure and pattern of the tubes depend on whether the termites are exploring, working, swarming or dropping food. A professional may be able to determine how far the infestation has progressed depending on the type of tubes. However, the presence of any dirt tubes is a definite sign that termites have invaded. 

While dampwood termites usually focus on rotting or wet wood outdoors, they are often attracted to wood in the home or behind walls that may be damp from seepage or a leak. Subterranean termites are worse because of how aggressively they attack wood and how quickly their colonies multiply. These termites will destroy any type of wood including foundation beams.

Drywood termites usually enter buildings through doors or windows. These pests are known to attack wood beams, furniture, wallpaper and textiles. They may even chew through important documents or expensive artwork. 

Identifying A Termite Problem

The unfortunate reality of a termite infestation is that it will likely go unnoticed until the damages are already extensive. A termite should not be confused with a winged ant. Termites have a straighter narrow body while ants have defined sections. Also, a termite's wings are the same size, and an ant's wings are different sizes. These are some possible signs of a termite problem:

  • Dirt tubes
  • Hollow-sounding wood
  • Visibly gnawed wood
  • Swarms of termites
  • Piles of shed wings

The dirt tubes are usually found on the ground, at the base of the building's foundation and along walls.

Professional Termite Control In Richmond

At Accel Pest & Termite Control, we encourage anyone who sees a termite or suspects an infestation to call us immediately. Delaying treatment could increase damages by thousands of dollars within a matter of days. Our professionals know how to find these elusive pests and remove their colonies quickly and thoroughly. Never attempt DIY removal with such a costly and destructive pest.

We also offer preventative treatments to help Richmond business owners and homeowners stay ahead of termites.The cost of prevention is much less than the combined costs of removal and the ensuing damages of a bad infestation. We offer the following termite protection plans:

Protection Plus

This is the most thorough treatment available for the elimination and/or prevention of subterranean termites for a structure or home.  We utilize a variety of treatment methods and provide the most complete treatment available to protect your home and your investment.  We guarantee it with our Full Damage Repair Warranty.

Preventative Defense

Be proactive and keep your investment protected with our very popular preventative program.  Home that qualify have had no previous signs of termite activity and we keep termites away.  By treating the entire foundation level and focusing on areas that are conducive to termite infestations, we provide a treatment that is so effective it's also backed by our Full Damage Repair Warranty.

Total Protection

One of our most popular and economical options!  Combine the best Termite Warranty in the business with the best Pest Protection available.  Protect your home from termites and 27 other pests and rodents.

Warranty Transfer

Stuck in a contract? Don't be. At Accel, we promise no bugs, no contracts, no problems . . . and we mean it.  Transfer your warranty to us and experience the Accel difference.

To learn more about our plans or to get a free quote, please contact us today.

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As a “green” treatment option, Accel is proud to offer the Sentricon® System – the No. 1 brand in termite bait stations. Termite bait stations are an effective alternative to traditional liquid pesticide treatments. Call us today to learn more and discuss which treatment option is best for you!