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Richmond, VA Spider Control

With its lush greenery, abundance of insects and plenty of dark places to hide, Richmond is an ideal place for spiders. The sight of a spider is enough to leave many people feeling on edge for the rest of the day or night. When these pests invade homes and workplaces, they can rob home occupants of their peace of mind or distract employees enough to lower their productivity. Although spiders prefer the outdoors during the warmer months, they will move indoors as the mercury drops on the thermometer. 

Spider Control Tips

The best way to get rid of spiders is to eliminate what attracts them. Unfortunately, frequent spider sightings in the home usually indicate another pest problem. Spiders are predatory and feed on insects. If ants, roaches, flies or other pests are in the home, they must be eliminated to discourage spiders. Here are some additional tips for minimizing spider attractions:

  • Do not leave piles of clothes on floors, beds or furniture.
  • Trim bushes and trees that are touching the home or building.
  • Be sure that all doors and windows are properly sealed.
  • Make sure that there are no unsealed cracks in the foundation.

It is also important to know which spiders are dangerous. There are many species of arachnids in Virginia. The two main dangerous spiders are black widows and brown recluses. Black widows are shiny and have a rounded abdomen with a red hourglass on the bottom. They are usually found in dark damp places such as gardens, hoses and basements. Brown recluses are light tan to dark brown in color. They have a distinct violin shape on the back upper half of the body. Brown recluses prefer dark and dry places such as closets, attics and piles of clothes.

While a black widow bite may cause a person to feel ill or experience muscle aches for several days, a brown recluse bite causes skin necrosis until it is treated. Severe necrosis may need to be surgically removed. Yellow sac spiders look similar but do not have the violin shape. They are often confused for brown recluses. Although their bites also produce a necrotic reaction, it is mild enough that it usually goes unnoticed. These spiders are seen crawling along the corners of walls or under furniture.

Professional Spider Removal In Richmond

At Accel Pest & Termite Control, we do not recommend using spider sprays from the shelves of home improvement stores. These sprays contain dangerous chemical mixtures. Many people inhale the chemicals and become ill. Some sprays can cause skin damage, and the residue that is left on furniture and carpeting can harm pets or small children. Also, sprays do not do anything except kill one visible pest. If two or more spiders are seen around the same time, there are more in hiding.

Our professionals know where spiders hide and how to remove their colonies. We also look for other pest problems that may be contributing to the spider infestation. Our treatment plan includes removal of existing problems and prevention of future infestations. We consider the needs of customers and provide affordable services. For answers to questions of for a free spider removal quote, please call us today.

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