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Richmond, VA Roach Control

There is plenty of precipitation in Richmond throughout the year. The damp environment and an abundance of food and trash in residential areas create an ideal habitat for cockroaches. With their ability to move quickly and surprise home occupants, cockroaches are an annoyance. However, they are also dangerous. These pests are able to squeeze into food containers and contaminate the contents by regurgitating or defecating on it. Since they are also known to eat bacteria and crawl in unsanitary places such as kitchen sinks and toilets, roaches create health hazards for anyone in the home.

The most common types of roaches are tan to reddish-brown in color and are an inch or smaller in length. These include German and American cockroaches. Australian roaches look similar but usually have some yellow markings on their bodies or head. Shiny black cockroaches that are an inch or longer are Asian roaches. While most other types of roaches prefer homes where food is plentiful, Asian cockroaches are also found outdoors in damp places feeding on rotting food or vegetation. When roaches are sighted indoors, they are usually found in kitchens or bathrooms. However, they are not picky enough that they avoid bedrooms and any other rooms that may have some crumbs.

Roach Control Problems

Since they breed quickly and have access to food and water in a home, roach populations can grow out of control rapidly. Many homeowners desperately try to remove these pests themselves with sprays or traps. Unfortunately, the sprays contain a harmful chemical cocktail that can also hurt pets or small children who play on the floor. Sticky traps will only catch a few cockroaches but do not solve the problem of the growing infestation. 

If a homeowner is lucky enough to eliminate a roach problem without professional help, there is still the problem of what roaches leave behind. These pests are known to take bits of food behind the walls. They leave dirt, food residue and excrement in hard-to-reach places. When they die in large numbers behind the walls, this can create an odor and another source of attraction for other pests.

Only a professional should handle a cockroach infestation. Seeing a few roaches is a sign that more are nearby. Never ignore these pests or put off calling a professional. The dangers of contamination and possible illness only grow each day. Professionals can assess the severity of the roach problem and determine what is attracting them. At Accel Pest & Termite Control, we take the extra step to clean up the roach bodies, excrement and dirt. Since baiting is often used to remove roaches, cleaning up is important to us. The bait is toxic to roaches but not to home occupants. Since roaches feed on the carcasses of other roaches, one toxic roach can kill several others, and this leads to a deadly domino effect for them. 

Our professionals are trained to handle any size and type of roach problem. We offer affordable removal services and cost-saving preventative plans that keep our customers from dealing with future infestations. To learn more about our services and to see why we are known for quality service in Richmond, call us today.

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