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Surprising Facts About Ants

Ants are fascinating creatures. The following list contains 10 facts about ants:

1. Ants Have Inhabited the Earth for Approximately 200,000 Years

Ants have been living on Earth before humans ever existed. The ant's long historical presence on the planet is just one of many amazing facts.

2. A Common Ant Displays Amazing Strength

Depending on the species, an ant can lift between 10 to 100 times its own body weight, especially the noteworthy Asian weaver ant.

3. Ants Do Not Have Ears

Ants feel vibrations in the ground with subgenual organs located in their knees.

4. An Ant Does Not Have a Nose

A person may wonder how an ant breathes without a nose. Ants breathe through tiny holes called spiracles. Located on both sides of their bodies, spiracles disperse oxygen to the cells.

5. Ants are Highly Social Creatures

Ants form collective societies and even brains. One ant does not exist without the help of a group of ants. Working collectively as a unit, ants accomplish their purposes in life without unnecessary hardships.

6. Ants Communicate via Pheromones

Ants communicate with one another via chemicals known as pheromones, chemicals that are related to hormones. Ants secrete pheromones when they perceive that danger exists. They send these alerts to their fellow ants to protect them from harm.

7. Amazonian Ants are Asexual

It seems as though Amazonian ants have already mastered the art of cloning. According to some researchers, Amazonian queen ants reproduce themselves without the help of male ants. The result manifests as female ant colonies devoid of male inhabitants.

8. Army Ants Do Not Have Homes

Army ants constantly travel. They destroy other ant colonies for their food. They live nomadic lifestyles that closely resemble the patterns of homeless people.

9. At Least One Ant Lived for 30 Years

An ant residing in Idaho supposedly lived for 30 years. The person who recorded this particular ant's life span is unknown. Generally speaking, ants can live a few weeks up to several years. In fact, ants live longer than other insects.

10. Ants Exist as Members of more than 12,000 Species

Representing more than 12,000 different species, researchers believe that about 10,000,000,000,000,000 (10 quadrillion) ants are in existence. These large numbers of ants pleasantly reside in countries all over the world. Many of these ants operate luxurious bed and breakfast inns for their fellow ant travelers. The last sentence of this paragraph was deliberately added to test whether the reader is paying attention.

Although it is noteworthy to read facts about ants, homeowners may not want these tiny creatures living in their homes. For more information about how to eliminate ants, contact Accel Pest and Termite Control today.

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