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Spiders: Helpful or Harmful?

Spiders are the eight-legged insects that we can try to avoid and prevent inside the home, but unfortunately, they live and go where they please. The important thing to know is that while all spiders can be annoying to deal with, there are a few that can actually help humans and a few that can harm them.

Which Spiders Are Harmful?

There are only two Spiders living in Virginia that can be detrimental to human life: Brown Recluse and Northern Black Widow Spiders.

Brown Recluse spiders can be very hazardous, not because of their bites, but because of the venom that they carry. They look like ordinary brown spiders and rarely ever bite humans, but exposure to their venom can still be very dangerous. If you notice one of these spiders in or outside your home, do not take any chances.

Northern Black Widow spiders are black spiders with brown legs and a colorful, spotted back. They can be as hazardous as the Brown Recluse, with their venom being extremely toxic. These spiders are more often found outdoors.

Which Spiders Are Helpful?

Two types of helpful spiders include the Wolf and Waver Spiders. The primary way that these spiders are useful is that they eat other insects that might be bothersome to you.

Wolf spiders can grow up to an inch in length. Wolf spiders have brown bodies with light brown legs, and their favorite foods are grasshoppers, crickets, flies, ants and earwigs. If you have issues with these types of pests, then a wolf spider can be one way to handle them. Wolf spiders also do not eat crops, so they are great for homeowners that want to grow plants and produce.

Weaver spiders are a kind of spider in Virginia that only appear at night time outside. These spiders have light and dark brown stripes and a fuzzy appearance like a bee. They eat pests, but they especially love mosquitoes. Do you enjoy spending summer evenings outside, but don’t want to deal with mosquitoes, a weaver spider can greatly reduce how many you come across.

So, as you can see, not all spiders are harmful, and they will not try to destroy your crops or get inside your home.

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