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How to Effectively Remove Mice From Your Home

With the colder months just around the corner, all of the mice that have been living happily with minimal shelter will be seeking something sturdier, and perhaps, heated. Even if you take precautions, the craftier mice can still get into your home. Once inside, the problem takes a completely different strategy to solve...assuming that you have mice.

Mice are very curious animals, and they are not very shy. Unlike cockroaches, which prefer darkness and nighttime, mice may just trot across the kitchen floor in broad daylight. A mouse infestation usually has a lot of discernible clues, such as:

Signs of Mice in Your Home

  • Tiny prints among the dust in cabinets
  • Droppings (rice shaped)
  • Tooth marks, or gnawing, on things such as wood, plastic bins, or clothing
  • Holes in baseboards or the walls inside cabinets
  • Foul smells
  • Scratching sounds coming from walls
  • Food that has been chewed or tampered with.

How To Stop a Rodent Infestation

Over the years, several methods to address an infestation have been created. There are still the classic snap traps, as well as poisons, sticky pads, and humane traps. Many things can be found in grocery stores or ordered from your favorite websites. If uncertain, professional removal services are a click away. When an option, some even still recommend nature’s professional - getting a cat.

Each type of trap carries advantages and disadvantages based on the user. For example, Kill Traps ensure that a mouse will never re-enter the home, but the user must dispose of each mouse and reset the trap for each use...which is one-at-a-time. A poison can kill several mice but may lead to needing to remove several carcasses and can be very toxic to humans...making personal safety a high risk, particularly with children in the home. Live traps can collect a mouse without killing the mouse but will take up more space and require the user to release the mouse far from the house to ensure that this particular mouse does not return. Sticky traps are effective but can be messy to separate the mouse from the pad unless they’re disposed of together. Cats are moving kill traps, but having a cat is not always an option for renters/lessees.

Accel Pest and Termite Control

Depending on the number of mice in the home, a cheap, single trap may be enough. It is usually plenty responsible to start with the most economical option. If it is known that there are several mice, it may not be overkill to jump straight to calling a professional for peace of mind. Contact Accel Pest and Termite Control today!

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