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How Fall Changes Pest Activity

When the weather changes, we look forward to the unique joy each season brings. Winter gives us the big annual holidays—Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day. In the spring, bursts of colorful flowers emerge after months of cold weather. Summer brings backyard BBQs and long days off from school. Brilliant autumn colors and cooler, crisper temperatures make us glad that fall has arrived.

Along with the joys that come with the change of seasons, we also find that pests are on the move. Each season brings new pest problems, and being aware of them can help us keep pests from becoming a big issue. Fall, in particular, is a time for homeowners to be especially vigilant regarding pest invasions.

What Do Pests Do in the Fall?

The response of each pest to seasonal change is different, but broadly speaking, with the fall season comes an increased risk of indoor pest infestation. Many pest species cannot survive outdoors in the cooler temperatures, so they start looking for warmer places to hang out. The warmth of your home is particularly inviting to pests, and insects will look to invade through open doors, small cracks in the siding, poorly sealed windows and other access points.

Pests Especially Active in the Fall

Although many pests will seek the warm indoors when cooler weather arrives, there are some pests that can pose particular problems in the fall. These pests include:

  • Spiders that come inside looking for bugs to feed on since the population of flying insects diminishes every fall.
  • Cockroaches that invade because they are especially susceptible to damage and death from freezing temperatures that are soon to arrive.
  • Fleas that do not like the cooler weather either, and since your pets are spending more time indoors, that means fleas are more likely to hang around as well.
  • Rats and mice that also frequently choose to seek warmer habitations during the fall months, coming in to build nests and find food.
  • Raccoons that are very active and enjoy building dens in attics that are not properly closed off to invaders.

What Can Homeowners Do?

Fortunately, since it is no secret that pests will be looking for warmer weather in the winter, homeowners can do much to prepare. Regular fall maintenance is key. Seal windows and doors. Replace broken screens. Make sure attics are closed off well. Fix any plumbing leaks. These simple practices make it more difficult for pests to get into your home.

When Pests Invade

Even after diligently preparing your home to keep the pests away, you might still run into pest problems in the fall or at other times during the year. Contact Accel Pest and Termite Control and let our experts help you solve your pest problems and prevent undesirable critters from returning. Contact us today for more information on how we can serve you.

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