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Friend or Foe?: How Spiders Help You Dispel Unwanted Pests

Spiders have a bad reputation. Many homeowners consider them just one of many pests they wish to rid their houses of. However, spiders are not the threats they are seen as, and may actually help us fight off the other pests that cause the real harm.

The idea of humans and spiders living in harmony is not new. Since ancient times, many breeds of spiders have lived inside human houses, even adapting to live in human-built structures better than outdoors. In a way, spiders and humans have the same natural habitat.

Not only are house spiders generally harmless to humans, but they are also great allies for helping you defend against unwanted pests such as earwigs, mosquitoes, moths, roaches and horseflies. Spiders pose a minimal inconvenience to people (they bite infrequently, and only when they feel directly threatened), while the benefits of having them are plentiful.

When spiders are working to their fullest potential, they will take care of most of the pests in your house. Though, while spiders are beneficial, it is still difficult to see one crawling across the floor without a sensation of dread, if not complete disgust. However, there is a way to get the positive effects of spiders without needing to cross paths with them on a frequent basis.

Spiders Are Friends

Firstly, house spiders should not be thought of as intruders. In fact, an incredibly small percentage of spiders, which have adapted to indoor life, have never even stepped foot outside. Therefore, while catching a spider alive and releasing it in the yard may seem like a polite way of dealing with them, it is difficult for the spider to get along anywhere else but where you found it.

Meanwhile, using pesticides to exterminate spiders from your house is a cumbersome affair that is ultimately unnecessary. Instead of eradicating spiders from your home, you can keep them under control, away from your kitchen and living room and out of sight, while still allowing them to spin their webs and take care of the pests in your house from the shadows.

Start by checking the windows in your house and clearing them of cobwebs. Caulk any openings by windows or doors of areas where you don't want any spiders crawling around. Doing so won't remove spiders from your house, but it will drive them into out-of-the-way places like boiler rooms, garages and vents. Spiders are tenacious, and it is difficult to cast them out of your house entirely. However, with just a little effort, you can manage them without needing to wage war completely.

While roaches, moths, mosquitoes and flies spread diseases, destroy clothes, and contaminate food, spiders are rather friendly creatures to live with, doing practically no harm to humans while guarding us against trouble making pests. Though the instinctive reaction when witnessing a spider crawl across the room may be to grab a shoe, they may not be as malicious as their reputation suggests. Working with spiders, not against them, will be better for all involved.

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