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Richmond, VA Bee And Wasp Control

When the weather is nice, it is common to see bees in gardens and wasps at picnics. However, both pests can invade the properties of local residents. In some cases, these pests enter homes in search of anything from sweets to rotting garbage. Both types of pests also disrupt outdoor summer gatherings. In addition to being annoying home or party invaders, these stinging pests can be dangerous.

Dealing With Bees And Wasps In Richmond

In many cases, a person who is stung by a wasp or bee is only stung once. Stings can be painful, and the pain may last for several days. However, some people who are allergic to the stings of these pests may require immediate medical care. Several people who have been stung multiple times or have a severe allergy to a single sting have experienced anaphylaxis. In some cases, the reaction may be fatal. Homeowners have a duty of care to create a reasonably safe environment for guests, which means that summer party preparations must include removal of bees and wasps.

Wasps usually build their nests along the eaves of homes or garages. At first glance, it may appear that there are no wasps in the nest. Many people make this mistaken assumption and are stung several times when they try to remove a nest. Some wasps burrow in the ground. Bees often build their hives in trees or shrubs. They pick secluded areas. Another place where bees are often found hiding is behind the walls in a home. When a beehive cannot be found on the property but bees are getting into the home, they are likely colonizing behind the walls. Although wasps are more aggressive than bees, angry bees will usually attack in swarms if their hive is disturbed. Carpenter bees are somewhat different. They build colonies in the wood of eaves or trees by chewing it. These bees can wind up causing costly property damage. 

Many people have been stung badly enough to require hospitalization after trying to remove a beehive or a wasp nest. Dangerous and ineffective DIY methods that are suggested online include burning the nest and dousing it in chemicals. People have been burned by fire and chemicals when trying to attempt DIY removal in addition to being stung. 

Professional Bee And Wasp Removal In Richmond

A professional exterminator can safely destroy wasp nests. Since honeybees are pollinators and are vital to the world's food supply, they should never be killed. Their hives should never be destroyed or poisoned. Our professionals know how to safely relocate a beehive to a secluded area where the bees will not cause problems for homeowners. Traps, sprays and fire should not be used on any stinging pest colony.

At Accel Pest & Termite Control, we have plenty of experience removing beehives and wasp nests. Our professionals can identify the location of the problem and determine any sources of attraction on the property that may need to be addressed. We remove the pests promptly to help our customers regain their peace of mind. For affordable quality service in Richmond, please call us today.

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